April 18, 2016

Parenting Advice

A month ago I went to brunch with my aunt, uncle, and cousin Joy. We talked politics and discussed family matters and so on. It was your typical family lunch. Towards the end of our conversation, we got on the topic of raising kids who like to learn. This is a topic I think about a lot, especially for my daughter. I left the conversation with a refresher of what to do as a parent, but also tactics that I never thought to do.

Parenting Advice:

1. Understand how your child learns, early.

2. Hire mentors as tutors, early.

3. Learning starts at home.

How my uncle and aunt went about achieving their own tips is interesting. They hired a child psychologist, which allowed them to better understand their kids learning style. They then use this knowledge to match their child to mentors and tutors that could nurture their learning style.

Now, from the sounds of it you would think their kids were mentally challenged but that’s far from the truth. Joy is a STEM teacher in Iowa. Vernon is completing a JD at Boston Law school. They’re suffering from success in most eyes. I believe the reason why is because they started early, and knew that learning begins at home.

January 04, 2016

Hacking Child Care

There are several sites that help parents find a nanny, like care.com, sittercity.com, or your local nanny placement agency. These services are great for setting up child care, but there is a growing number of parents who want to share their nanny with a family (or two).

You can imagine why this would be extremely useful (i.e., split costs, lessen commute, etc). It's a win-win (winning!) because the families get exceptional child care for half the cost, and the nanny gets paid a few bucks more a hour. The challenge is finding a family can be difficult, especially if you want parents who live nearby and share your schedule. Wouldn't it be awesome if you could just go to a site and set-up a nanny share in seconds?

Try Pareday.com if you want to find a family and share a nanny. It's simple and to the point.

Pareday helps parents share a nanny, while hacking child care to be more personalized and cost-effective.

My wife and I have been using Pareday to find a family and within a week, met with a family 10 minutes away from our house. We simply signed up, posted what we were looking for, and Pareday told us who was nearby based on our zip code.

Some of the features include:

  • Shows distance between you and other families using your zip code.
  • Send a nanny share request and a message intro.
  • Email alerts matching families to your start date, schedule, and minutes away from you.

Check out Pareday.com today and let me know in the comments what you think!

September 02, 2015

Python and Diversity

NUMFocus is a non-profit organization that supports open-source projects like NumPy, SciPy and Pandas. If your familiar with any of these projects, you should donate to NUMFocus. They also support women and minorities, which I'd like to talk about here.

A couple months back I received a diversity scholarship to PyData Seattle. I wasn't expecting it to attend, but I applied anyway and got the award.

It was obvious that there was an effort to foster diversity at the conf. There was a record amount of women in attendance, discussions on diversity, and increasing demographic that reflects America. As a black male from rural Kansas, I liked seeing a diverse conference. We need more of it, especially in tech.

That is why I believe diversity scholarships should be offered at all tech conferences. It will cut societal bias and make it easier for women and minorities to attend. It's also a good pipeline for companies looking to diversify their team.

I'll end with this. Python is here to stay. Not because it's a powerful language and champions tools for data analysis. It's here to stay because the Python community understands the power of diversity. Just read the diversity statement for proof.

April 23, 2015


I went back and looked at all my old pictures captured in my twenties the other day. That's a good way to remind myself of everything I have to be thankful for, and I have a lot.

One of many things I have to be thankful for is my wife, Tamara. The Saturday before my 30th birthday, she threw me a surprise birthday party. It was crazy but the fact that she planned it while caring for our newborn is a world wonder. I love her for that.


I've lived a fun and happy life. My family and friends are to thank, as well as my threshold for risk and experimentation.

Whatever you do, choose happiness. It's the best way to live.

Here's to another year and birthday.