2014 Goals

This is my first time publicly writing about my annual goals, or any goals for that matter. I typically write them in a notebook or my Mac's text editor, then share them with Tamara. This routine has worked okay, but its largely been ineffective and loose.

This doesn't mean Tamara hasn't been a good support person. She's always cheered me on. Usually through packaged messages, reminding me that I have moobs or need to follow through with X. The problem has been me not honoring those goals.

If I had a blame card to give out it would say, "Royce doesn't document or track annual goals wisely".

So for 2014 it felt right to put my goals out there. The plan is to reflect next December on what went well and what didn't, sorta like Justin Mares 2013 reflection post but with more swagger. I also plan to track everything on a domain (more about this below). Hopefully the experience is insightful.

Welp, here goes a new thing...

10 goals for 2014

  • Go on (minimum) 12 dates with Tamara.

  • Pay off debt (i.e., student loans) and have a net worth of $0 or more.

  • Read 12 books from front to back.

  • Write 12 quality and useful blog posts.

  • Recieve A+ grade on 3 CS graduate courses (Taking 3 classes at CU Boulder next year towards CS Masters).

  • Exercise 208 times for at least a full hour (At a rate of 4 times a week).

  • Reduce body fat by 8 percent. Currently at 26.6 percent. Note: Follow Twitter hashtag #moobdiet for updates.

  • Create one or more software-oriented products that generates $20,000 in revenue.

  • Go on a 1 mile jog with Layla once a month.

  • Increase emotional and spirtual energy. Note: I'll do this by reviewing techniques from Manage Your Energy, Not Your Time once a month, meditating daily, and showing appreciation often.

How I plan to measure

I'll be using a mix of Fitbit, Foursquare, Google Cal, and other stuff for measurement and progress. All data will be viewable at a new site (royce.io), which isn't up yet but will be soon. I'll be using APIs for most of the data, other data will be punched in manually. You can think of royce.io as a quantified selfie site that serves as a one-stop progress dashboard. I'll tweet about the new site when its shipped.

As far as that last goal, I hope to compile feedback from Tamara (pretty sure she'll have tons of it), local friends and family. I'll summerize this feedback along with stats from royce.io in the end of 2014 results post.

Anyway, wish me luck. Happy New Year! As for you...

What are your goals? Let me know on Twitter


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