2020 in Review: Adapting

Not to sugarcoat it, but 2020 was a moldy bread loaf engulfed in a mountain fire. Still, something good came out of it. I was able to sit down and list off the rare blessings spawned by the year's never-ending crises. Luckily, finding the gems that made this year less shitty was easier than wearing a mask in public.

Disney World

This year started with a trip, a tradition we plan to do every new year. Our tradition began in Orlando where Tayven had her first experience at Disney World. Like any kids first time at Disney World, she was big eyed, excited, and anxious to do everything all at once.

It’s hard to imagine Disney being full of people, but what made for a fun trip, was a lesson on patience. The long lines, in hot weather, took most of the magic out of experiencing Disney. But that didn't damper Tayven's experience, and after 2020 we're glad she was able to enjoy it. As for me, I'll have to plan a Disney trip during the offseason. Standing in line sucks.

One thing I learned about our daughter is that she loves roller coaster rides. If it wasn't for the long lines and my delay in getting fastpass, we'd have hit every ride more than once. Regardless, we'll make it back out that way after Tayven grows a few more inches and her brother is older.

It was also my mom's first time in Disney World and it was great to see her enjoy Disney and keep us company.

We ended our Florida trip at Clearwater Beach near Tampa Bay. This was a great end to our news years trip and little did we know it would be our only trip in 2020.

Goodbye First Home

We purchased our first home in 2015 and this year we said our goodbyes. We sold our house this summer during the heat of the pandemic.

In 5 years, we put in about $80k into house renovations and made ~$250k on the house sale. I would have never predicted a return like that at the time.

New Family Addition

Our family grew by one and after a devastating 2019, we're excited to welcome our son, Isaac. In 2019, we lost our daughter at 8 months so he was an amazing gift to our family. Isaac Royce Haynes was born on September 28th, 2020.


After 2 years of owning our house in Denver's University Hills area, we finally made the house our home. It's been one heck of a renovation journey. In the end, we're happy and ready to make memories for years to come.

New Goals for 2021

  • Publish 24 blog posts

  • Close Activity Rings every week day

  • Build business around a software company that makes $3,000 profit a month

  • Read 12 books

I'm shortening my list of goals but making the few I have more meaningful and impactful to my growth. Here's to ambitious goals, embracing routines, and doing less to achieve them.

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