I’m Royce. I grew up around entrepreneurs. My mom and grandpa started a laundry business before I was born, ran it for 26 years, and sold it. My uncles, who are my mentors, ran a multi-million dollar engineering firm for 21 years and sold it for millions. My dad built our first house by funding it with money from his business. He’s now retired with multiple profitable properties in Kansas, where I’m from.

I tell you this because it gives you a lens on what influences my interest. It’s also a reminder of my roots – serving people and getting paid to do it.

I’m an engineer, entrepreneur, and former CTO. Previously, I was an engineer at Twitter, Pandora, Next Big Sound ( acquired), and a few other places. I started my startup career path building computers and after college, founded an angel-funded, defunct startup that helped lawyers get leads.

I’ve learned a ton over the years from my family and building products of my own. As Steven King said, writing is refined thinking. This is where I refine my thinking and where I get to think out loud about family, products, and business.

If you want to learn more about me, check out my years in review: 2023,2020, 2018, 2014.

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Royce Haynes is an engineer and entrepreneur who has a passion for creating simple products that help people work together.

Royce was an engineering leader at Tilt, Twitter, Pandora, and Next Big Sound. He's now working on something new.

Royce has a BS in computer science from Kansas State University and MS in computer science from University of Colorado at Boulder.