Laundry Ticket Management2001Track laundry, pressing, and dry cleaning for mom's 25 year laundry businessshut it down
Mouse Clicker2001Click bannder ads on monitor for passive moneyshut it down
JiffyCard2010A mobile app that enables users to share, create, and study digital flash cardsshut it down
Emai Reply Parser2012Grab only the last reply to an on-going email threadactive
Chrrp2013Get notified when you get paid on stripeshut it down
Pydwolla2014Dwolla client python wrapperinactive
Rolls Royce Ghost Theme2014Blog theme for Ghost blog platforminactive
Scrapy RabbitMQ2014A tool that lets you feed and queue URLs from RabbitMQ via scrapy spidersactive
Pareday2015Share a nanny with a local familyshut it down