April 18, 2016

Parenting Advice

A month ago I went to brunch with my aunt, uncle, and cousin Joy. We talked politics and discussed family matters and so on. It was your typical family lunch. Towards the end of our conversation, we got on the topic of raising kids who like to learn. This is a topic I think about a lot, especially for my daughter. I left the conversation with a refresher of what to do as a parent, but also tactics that I never thought to do.

Parenting Advice:

  1. Understand how your child learns, early.

  2. Hire mentors as tutors, early.

  3. Learning starts at home.

How my uncle and aunt went about achieving their own tips is interesting. They hired a child psychologist, which allowed them to better understand their kids learning style. They then use this knowledge to match their child to mentors and tutors that could nurture their learning style.

Now, from the sounds of it you would think their kids were mentally challenged but that’s far from the truth. Joy is a STEM teacher in Iowa. Vernon is completing a JD at Boston Law school. They’re suffering from success in most eyes. I believe the reason why is because they started early, and knew that learning begins at home.