Start everyday with a win

During his #OneTeam keynote, Jack stood in front of a 3,500 person crowd and gave this advice: start everyday with a win.

To Jack this meant three things:

  1. Drink water + pink salt + lemon (the research)
  2. Get sun for 20 minutes
  3. Move

Maybe those three things help you win the day, but it is likely that they don’t and that’s fine. The point Jack was making is you should win the day before work, family, and others agenda override your own. The day is won before it gets started when you do.

As Jack was giving his keynote, I wrote some notes down that broke down what it means to start everyday with a win. The advice was too good to not share.


Maybe its a morning ritual or maybe its a three or less list of tasks prepped the night before that you want to accomplish before lunch. Your win is configurable and must be ready to go, so you can purposefully start and do it everyday.


Self-regulating is hard and requires a high frequency that makes winning into a habit. And that is why a win ritual requires you to rise, grind, shine, and do it again every f’n single day.


You’ll know you’ve won when you accomplished what you set out for the day. Its the feeling you get when you end the day wanting a nice meal or a glass of wine. It’s the buzz you receive when you workout, meditate, or achieve inbox zero. The day is your oyster after a win.

So, take Jack's advice and start everyday with a win. And give salt juice a try.

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