November 06, 2017

The Fifth Season

I’ve never read a sci-fi book until last weekend. I cracked open The Fifth Season by N.K. Jemisin before going to bed and got 3 hours of rest that night. How I came to learn about the book was through a good friend, who raved enough about it that I decided to borrow the first two books in the series to catch up with him.

The previous book I read was far from science fantasy. It was about de facto and de jure segregation and how housing policy in the early 1920s shaped American neighborhoods. The name of the book is The Color of Law if your interested. Great historical knowledge, but equally enlightening and depressing. Unless your into an extra dose of distributing reality before bed, I wouldn’t recommend it as a night time read. I’d 100% recommend you read it, though.

This is my first sci-fi book and it goes without saying that I was tipped a good intro into science fantansy. The thing I like about this particular series is the state that it puts my brain in before going to bed. I’ve gone to bed tired as I don’t know what yet wondering what’s going to happen next. After I clock out, my brain dreams the rest of the book before I start again the following night. It's a pleasant feeling.

Anyway, check out the Broken Earth series by N.K. Jemisin and tell me what you think.